In July 2015, ANH Hausbesitz expanded its portfolio with another exceptional property in Berlin, directly at Kleiner Tiergarten. The five-story brick building and its classicist neighboring house in the heart of Moabit is located in front of the U-shaped office premises, which until recently housed the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Towards the end of the 19th century, Carl Bolle created the once famous Bolle dairy on the premises of Alt-Moabit 93-103. From here, the “Bolle boys” supplied Berlin's shops and stores with fresh milk and dairy products and shaped the metropolitan cityscape of the time.

The building complex A BIT MO’ is located on a 1,500 m² plot of land and forms the street-side boundary of this metropolitan quarter.

The office building was extensively refurbished and a top floor was added. Upon completion in September 2017, 6,200 m² of modern working space were created here with generous retail space on the ground floor.

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