In 2009, the ANH established a headquarter for the IT company Ratiodata on an especially acquired property in the Münster-Loddenheide industrial estate. The ground and building are owned by the ANH and have been rented to Ratiodata on a long-term basis. The representative corporate headquarters has been specially tailored to the requirements of the IT company. The ideas of the user are reflected in the facade design. 130 parking spaces were also built on the property.

In order to create new space for the growth of the company, the ANH had already acquired a neighboring property with 10,000 m² in 2008. In January 2014, construction work began on a three-storey extension on a 5,000 m² section. The interior is designed according to the plan by Andreas Heupel Architects BDA with high quality underfloor heating and walls made of alternating exposed concrete and plaster surfaces. A canteen is planned on the ground floor of the new building.

The new building and the extension are connected by a bridge. A further partial area of 5,000 m² is available for an additional expansion.

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